Longhorn Beef Steak Box


This Steak box contains a choice of Huntsham Longhorn beef which will give you a roasting joint, steaks, and minced meat. A box for those people with limited freezer space: the whole box will fit easily into a single drawer of a domestic freezer.
Pictured: Longhorn fore rib on bone and rolled fore rib



Cut Butchery Options Cooking Suggestions Approx. Weight Approx. Servings
2 Bone Fore Rib As one big joint on or off bone to feed about 10 people, or 2 x 1 bone joints on or off bone, or sawn down the length to make a big sharing steak for two people containing the rib eye and rib cap. Best Roasting joint or large sharing Rib Eye steak. 3.5kg 10
Thick Rib steak 4 x 230gms steaks Delicious, with same flavour as rump steak. 920gms 4
Mince  4 x 500gms packs Cottage pie, Chilli con carne, lasagne etc. 2kg 4
Price £145.00