Luxury Beef and Pork Box


This is a box of premium joints which are easy to cook to give yourself a little luxury. The quality of the meat is such that it is delicious when simply cooked or suitable if you want to try your hand at something more complicated. This is the way to enjoy the meat we supply to our Michelin-starred chefs, while being in the comfort of your own home.



Cut Butchery Options Cooking Suggestions Approx. Weight Approx. Servings
Longhorn beef sirloin 4 x steaks on or off bone / joint on or off the bone Roast 0.6-1.0kg 4
Longhorn beef fore rib
on the bone
Joint on the bone or two big ribeye steaks on the bone Roast 1.5kg 4-6
Middle White pork
2 x 1kg joints Roast 2.0kg 4 servings/joint
Middle White pork
6 packs of 6
Grill / fry 2.0kg 2-3 servings/pack
Price £207.00