5kg Special Huntsham Box


This box contains a combination of Huntsham Middle White pork and Longhorn beef which gives you some roasting joints as well as our famous sausages and mince that is good for people with limited freezer space: the whole box will fit easily into a single drawer of a domestic freezer.



Cut Butchery Options Cooking Suggestions Approx. Weight Approx. Servings
Middle White pork
joint ? loin, shoulder
or leg
Boned and rolled Roast 1.5kg 5-6
Longhorn beef joint ?
topside, thick flank,
silverside or thick rib
Tied and fatted Roast 1.5kg 5-6
Middle White pork
3 packs of 6
Grill / fry / bake 1.0kg 2-3 servings/pack
Longhorn beef mince 2 x 500g packs Burgers / Cottage
pie / Bolognaise sauce
1.0kg 3-4 servings/pack
Price £89.70