We are happy to discuss any special butchery requirements you may have.

Will it fit in my freezer?

All our meat is clearly labelled and suitable for home freezing. The boxes we use for our Special Boxes, larger beef joints, half pigs and whole lambs are 21″ x 13″ x 8″ (internal measurements). This means that the meat will fit easily into a single ‘drawer’ of a domestic freezer.  Smaller quantities of beef, half lambs, quarter pigs, mince and sausages are packed in smaller boxes.


Where a box weight is specified, it should be read as a minimum and will usually be exceeded. We are obliged by law to price meat by the kilograms.


Carriage is by overnight carrier and all meat is packed in insulated boxes with ice packs. Prices are inclusive of delivery. Boxes can be collected from Huntsham Farm, for which we make a reduction of £10 on the larger boxes and £5 on the small boxes.