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 Order Longhorn Primal Joints

    Huntsham Farm - Longhorn Beef

    Price Quantity
    Standard box - approx weight 18kg £20.25/kg
    Standard box - approx weight 23kg £20.25/kg
    Small Box - approx weight 9 - 10kg £26.50/kg
    Larger Joints Box
    Fore Rib Box - approx weight 25 - 35kg £16.20/kg
    Sirloin box - approx weight 25 - 35kg £16.20/kg
    Combined Fore Rib & Sirloin Box - approx weight 50 - 70kg £15.50/kg
    Longhorn beef mince - 5kg+ £14.95/kg
    Longhorn beef dice - 5kg+ £14.95/kg
    Longhorn beef primal joints To order primal joints please use the form here.


    Huntsham Farm - Middle White Pork

    Half Middle White Pig with sausages - approx weight before butchery 20kg
    * If all the hand, belly and half head are turned into sausages, there will be 12 packs of six sausages.
    Half Middle White Pig without sausages - approx weight 20kg £230.00
    Quarter Middle White Pig - approx weight before butchery 9 - 10kg
    Leg of pork (Bone in weight)
    Any pork joint bone in (min £50.00 order)
    Any pork joint boned out (bone in weight) (min £50.00 order)
    Middle White pork sausages - @ £14.95/kg (min 5kg order)   £14.95/kg
    Cocktail sausages - @ £15.90/kg (min 5kg order)  £15.90/kg
    Chipolata sausages - @ £15.90/kg (min 5kg order)  £15.90/kg
    Sausage meat - @ £14.95/kg (min 5kg order)  £14.95/kg
    Gluten Free sausages - @ £17.25/kg (min 5kg order)  £17.25/kg
    Gluten Free Cocktail sausages - @ £18.65/kg (min 5kg order)  £18.65/kg
    Gluten Free Chipolata sausages - @ £18.65/kg (min 5kg order)  £18.65/kg
    Whole suckling pig bone-in for spit-roasting and weighing 11-14kg
    Suckling pig fully butchered, oven-ready and weighing about 9.0 to 12.0kg
    Half suckling pig fully butchered, oven-ready and weighing about 5.0kg to 6.0


    Huntsham Farm - Ryeland Lamb

    Whole Lamb - approx weight before butchery 16 - 20kg £20.20/kg
    Half Lamb - approx weight before butchery 9kg £20.20/kg

    Butchery is bespoke so we will contact you to discuss your butchery requirements.

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