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Huntsham beef comes from the Huntsham herd of Longhorn cattle. These old-fashioned, cattle were first bred over 200 years ago and were the breed which made England famous for its fine roast beef. The Longhorn is rare, but the quality of its meat remains outstanding.

Huntsham beef is hung for nearly five weeks so that the fine-grained, well-marbled meat reaches its full potential.  It is available in boxes of various weights and combinations of cuts or in large primal joints, with butchery to suit your needs. Or try our delicious Longhorn mince which can be ordered on its own.

Jeremy Lee – Quo Vadis, London

“Well, I have just nipped upstairs to jot down my thoughts on the subject of your truly marvelous beef. It is peerless and requires no other prosaic foodie nonsense to say as much.”

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