Middle White Pig Half


Half a Middle White pig with half head and without any sausages.

Our half pigs weigh about 18-20kg before butchery. Although some cuts make handsome roasting joints when left whole (a leg feeds 12 people), we can tailor butchery to your needs and include small joints/chops/steaks.



Cut Butchery Options Cooking Suggestions Approx. Servings
Shoulder Whole / 2 halves Roast 8
Leg Whole / 2 halves / leg steaks Roast; grill or fry steaks 12
Chump fillet Join / chump chops Roast; grill or fry chops 4
Loin 1 or 2 joints / chops / half and half Roast; grill or fry chops 14
Hand Joint Roast 5
Belly Joint(s) Roast 8
Half head Half head Brawn
Liver Half Grill / fry / paté
Stock bones Stock / soup